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Thursday, 29 August 2019

Primary House Captains

Voting complete and a new  Primary Student Council formed for 2019-2020!

ISL has three houses named after three rivers in Zambia to help foster team spirit across year levels and this includes teachers too.
Last week Friday, as I walked around in the morning, it was great to see prospective student candidates talk with confidence and enthusiasm to their peers and reason why they should be elected as House Captain. There were some pretty convincing statements made by the various candidates after which elections were held.

The results  of this years election are as follows ( drum roll):
Luangwa House
Captain (Boy)- Kahalu Chilambu
Captain (Girl)- Chloe Hinis
Vice Captain ( Boy)-Aarush Gambhir
Vice Captain (Girl)- Sana Quadri

Zambezi House
Captain (Boy)- Kasonde Sefuke
Captain (Girl)- Amana Banda
Vice Captain ( Boy)-Yash Patel
Vice Captain (Girl)- Kawanga Mwondela

Kafue House
Captain (Boy)- Kukena Mpishi
Captain (Girl)- Nadee Fernando
Vice Captain ( Boy)-Charles Reinhart
Vice Captain (Girl)- Sophie Jacobsz

Congratulations to all the students who were elected! This is an added responsibility and we trust you will work as a team with your peers to set goals for the year and plan and execute them. To all the other candidates thank you for offering yourself for the post. This is just a beginning and we are sure there will be  more opportunities for you to develop into young leaders.

The Primary Student Council includes representatives from Year 5 who are also elected and this year they are:
Gabriela Shamabo, Ifeoluwa Joshua Aladesanmi, Victor Michello and Caterina Daniel. Congratulations to the class representatives!

The Student Council meetings will be facilitated and mentored by Ms. Sekai Chitaukire ( Whole School Counselor) and Mr. Dickson Tembo ( Year 6 Teaching Assistant) this year.

Good luck to the team!

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