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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Secondary After School Academic Support

Beginning Monday 5th October, the following after-school timings have been selected by each department as a time when the subject teacher or a teacher from the department will be available to help students with difficulties they may be having in a subject within that department.

Attendance at these after-school classes can be requested by the subject teacher (as a homework completion period), by the student, or by the parent.

It is not imperative that the teacher supervising the support class is the student’s subject teacher. The support class is not intended to be a formal teaching class. Rather, it is meant as an opportunity for a student to work through classwork previously taught, or to complete assigned classwork not yet completed. In this way, most teachers will be able to assist students in any subject matter which a student is working on. Most classes will take place in the teachers classroom.

An pdf version will also be emailed to all parents and posted on ManageBac.

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