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Friday, 2 October 2020

News from Primary school

 It has been great to see children back on campus and we are having more students returning each week. 

This is wonderful and shows us you are happy with the arrangements at school to ensure your child is safe. Whilst we are on this topic, I would like to politely remind parents/ guardians to remember and remind drivers or any other adult picking up students to wear masks when on campus. There is a sign outside all car parks stating the same.

                                           Please adhere to this for the safety of all.

It has been hot over the last week. Kindly ensure your children are carrying enough water to drink. Most students are coping really well with the masks in class.  (I am not sure if the teachers are or I am 😊). Do continue to remind children to wear masks as they get out of the car if they are 6 years and above.

Thank you very much for cooperating with us during pickups and adhering to the car park guidelines. You wait patiently for your child/ children in the baking heat. This is noticed and much appreciated.🙏

Hopefully, this will be for a short period as we await the rains:)

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