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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month- October 2020

From the Student Support Services Desk

“Working together, helping our students realise their true potential.”

In some parts of the world, October is the Learning Disabilities Awareness month for 2020. The Student Support Services department took this week to build more awareness towards Learning Disabilities in a small way which we hope will have a positive impact on our school community.

A learning disability, also called a learning difficulty or learning difference, affects the ability to acquire, retain, understand, organize and/or use information. Sometimes one of these areas is affected and sometimes multiple areas are impaired. Because learning difficulties affect reading, writing, math and processing of information, they are an area that draws particular attention in an academic setting. 

On Wednesday 14th October the Student Support Services shared a video with the IMYC middle school students called “Be INSPIRED” during a Pastoral Lesson on Learning Styles hosted by the Pastoral Coordinator. In the video, a former ISL student talks about his learning journey through discovering and dealing with dyslexia. Click the link to view the video:Be Inspired: Lupa Martins' Story

Many students struggle quietly or are misunderstood as ‘lazy’ or ‘not putting effort’ into their work when really, they LEARN DIFFERENTLY and we need to find out why. If you are a parent who notices that your child has significant struggles in one or more areas of learning that does not improve despite various interventions at home please Take N.O.T.E:

N: Notice- You notice that your child is struggling..
O: Observe- What your child is struggling with, when and how. Make a record of any patterns.
T: Talk to your child about it, talk to your child’s teacher and those who know your child well.
E: Engage the Student Support Services department.
Click the link to view a video on the Take N.O.T.E tool you can use to help you, child. Take N.O.T.E tool

Student Support Services are your partners in the learning journey your child takes at ISL. Student Support Services provides both Learning Support (LS) and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) to our students who require it. For further information please contact any of our team members through your child’s class teacher or year level tutor.

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