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Friday, 23 October 2020

Board Committee Meetings

Dear ISL Community Parents,

As an association member, you are an owner of the school and invited/encouraged to join Board Committees.

Indeed, all parents are welcome to attend Board Meetings, which typically occur on the last Tuesday evening of each month. We would love to have your participation and welcome you to sit in on meetings as an observer, or formally join committees. The committees include Finance; Marketing; Estates; Policy and Planning; and Human Resources. Regular committee meeting times for each month are still being formulated by the new Board and will be communicated in the next few weeks.  

Along these lines, the Policy and Planning Committee of the Board will be meeting on Monday morning 26 October at 7:10am. The meeting will be held both in the ISL Board Room but will have a Google Meet address, so you will be welcome to join in remotely. Given that this is the first public Policy Committee meeting of the year, we will be discussing objectives of the committee for the year and getting to know one another.

We welcome you to join us. 


Your ISL Board of Governors

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