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Thursday, 1 April 2021

Successful IB Evaluation Visit

The remote IB evaluation visit after a year-long self-study was indeed a successful one with the Visiting Team mirroring our comments- echoing our achievements and agreeing on our plans for the way forward!👏👏👏

The success entirely relied on the integrity of the self-study report and the cooperation and teamwork of all stakeholders- the Board, leadership team, teachers, parents, and students. The Visiting Team commended ISL on the support we have from the community and this was indeed wonderful and reassuring to hear. They shared positive feedback from the Board, parents and students. They discussed the great ambience at school and the wonderful teaching and learning they witnessed in classrooms. They reflected on the "thinking community and ISL being a trailblazer for many schools".

Our Coordinators, Ms. Grace Kambeu  ( IBPYP Coordinator) and Ms. Silvia Nithyanathan ( IBDP Coordinator) had a big role to play in this process- planning, executing, analyzing, and collating information from all stakeholders virtually. This feat seemed seamless despite COVID through their efforts.  A big shout out to them!⭐⭐⭐

The visit will help us in adding to our Action plan for the future and ensuring ISL grows stronger each day.

 We expect to get the written report soon and begin work on the plans we have for the future.

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