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Friday, 30 April 2021

IGCSE Exemptions and Special Consideration Update


Parents and Candidates, please note that all individual applications for exemptions have now been approved by Cambridge. 

Candidates who accepted our recommendations for exemptions for certain syllabus components should NOT show up for any exams they have been exempted from. 

For any other components which there are no exemptions, candidates should show up for their exam as per the timetable. 

For example, in Computer Science if you have been exempt from Component 21, you should not show up for the exam. However, you should show up for all other examined components in Computer Science. 

Candidates should check their timetable carefully and make sure they know which components, if any, they are exempt from. 

All candidates are responsible for attending exams on time, our centre cannot be held responsible for any candidate who misses their exam for no acceptable reason. 

Candidates are reminded that if they feel ill, exhibit Covid-19 symptoms or have to self-isolate and therefore miss an exam, they are eligible for Special Consideration. 

If any candidate cannot attend an exam on time, parents should phone the Emergency Exams Tel. 0967871411 and let us know as soon as possible. 

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