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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Back to school

Today we welcomed students back to a virtual start of the school year. I believe I am not alone when I say that the day we can welcome students back to campus will be very welcome when it comes.

It has been a peculiar way to start the school year. Almost everything has had to be reorganised from scratch. To give an example, consider the question: How will new students make friends? On a regular year they come to campus, meet their class teacher hang out with other students and in a few days have found some friends. Now we are all online, what will replace this interaction? These and many other questions have preoccupied us this August.

In the interim, we are moving ahead with home-based learning supported by the school. We have tried to learn from the feedback on our home-based learning service from the last quarter of last school year. If you do have suggestions, questions, or concerns the points of contact are:

We are asking parents with academic or programme queries that cannot be resolved with teachers to use the coordinators above as their first point of contact. The principals will be working on preparing to reopen campus safely in addition to assisting the coordinators with programme quality issues.

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