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Friday, 17 July 2020

Year 5 Team Makes a Difference!

ISL's relationship with APTERS has been a long and fulfilling one!
 Each year, the Year 5 students have a SALE DAY in connection with their unit " Market places rely on systems of production, exchange, and distribution of goods and services". The students in their inquiry focus on three lines of inquiry, one of which is - "Roles and responsibilities within the trading system". This allows the students to have an opportunity to ponder on how they could set up businesses and serve society.

This year, the students managed to raise KW4,898/- in total. Each class raised KW 2,449/-. The money has been handed over by the class teachers to Peter, Boyd, and Kenny, who are employees of APTERS and DISACARE. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, the students were unable to be present.

APTERS Appropriate Paper Technology (APTERS), is an organization based in Lusaka, Zambia. It was set up in 1990 to produce mobility aids with recycled paper and cardboard to assist physically challenged children while empowering physically challenged adults.

This year with the money handed over APTERS hopes to give family care packages to help prevent malnutrition amongst young children.

HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to the Year 5 team- teachers, students, and parents. You have definitely made a difference in the lives of several children. I commend your efforts!

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