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Friday, 24 July 2020

COVID training in-house

The ISL COVID Task Force has compiled detailed plans to allow us to reopen campus in a safe and orderly manner as soon as we are able. These plans include stringent measures to control the spread of viruses such as hand-washing and mask-wearing combined with measures to allow for improved social distancing. The photo on the left shows our school nurse, Edith Lemba, briefing mid-management on the procedures to be followed in managing suspected COVID cases.

Our plans include many organizational changes to reduce students' exposure to COVID: many classrooms will be moved to reduce student travel and classes will be split over two rooms if needed. Taking the upper end of the guidelines - 2m between children - from the MoGE means that classes will be limited to 15 students maximum in a regular size classroom. We are looking at how to create communicating entrances between classrooms to facilitate management here.

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