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Friday, 12 June 2020

Virtual Assemblies- June 10th and June 11th 2020

ISL had their first virtual assemblies yesterday and today - 10th and 11th June 2020- Dates to remember!

Our Upper Primary Assembly was held online yesterday. It was different, interesting, yet possible!  Thanks to technology. What would we have done without it?

We no doubt had our share of time lags, delays, and the like, yet for the most part, it was successful! A big Thank You to the Year 6 teachers- Tasneem Mohmed, Jenny van der Vinne, and our ICT teacher- Kavitha Reddy for putting it all together. Click here to watch the Upper Primary Assembly. Some pictures are posted below too.

Year 6 students did extremely well in their presentations- poems, songs, reflections, and I felt very proud of them. I wish them all the very best as they transition to Middle School in the next academic year.

Our Early Years also needs to be congratulated on their Virtual Assembly. The teachers compiled a video using Youtube and created an awesome experience for students, and parents. Click here
to watch the  Early Years Assembly:

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