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Thursday, 4 June 2020

COVID working group

As we move toward the holiday, our focus will switch from supporting our students through distance learning to prepareing to reopen our campus safely. At the moment, we are planning on reopening our campus in mid August according to our published calendar. Of course, it may prove impossible to do so due to restrictions in force at the time, but we need to be prepared. Please see here our board's decision on next year's calendar.

Internally, we have created a COVID-19 Working Group composed of principals, teachers and senior support staff that is woring on some scenarios to let us reopen safely and effectively. Going forward, we will be involving parents and students (from the students' council) in refining those plans as part of a COVID-19 Review Group. Any parents who have an interest in participating in the COVID-19 Review Group should contact me on head@islzambia.org or leave a comment below. We will keep you updated.

Keep safe.

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