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Friday, 19 June 2020

ask@ISL - Kwacha discount


I have 3 children at ISL and I pay fees two instalments at a time. I have always received my fee statements in US$ so I have start preparing for payments way ahead of time. Now the board comes up with a policy which is not fair to all parents. Why are they offering a discount to those parents paying in Kwacha and not in US$. If a policy is being made then it should be the same for all the parents. How does one now pay for 2 semesters as the discount is only for one semester. If there is no discount in the US$ then I would like to have a refund on my 10% rebate for the 4th quarter.


Thank you for using the ask service.

The kwacha discount is primarily intended to benefit parents earning in Kwacha who have been affected by adverse exchange rate movements. Any parent is free to avail themselves of this discount - although we do appeal to parents do so only if they are Kwacha earners - primarily by paying in Kwacha. Please contact our accounts department on accounts@islzambia.org for assistance - they will be happy to ensure that you get the discounts to which you are entitled. If you pay for two semesters, you will be credited with the appropriate discount which as of the time of writing is for one semester.

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