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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Board ratifies fee discounts

Our board met last week; among the items considered was feedback from parents on the discounts announced last month. This ranged from those who thought that no discount should be given to those who thought that the discounts were insufficient. The board has to balance the need to provide relief to parents in the time of trial against its responsibility to safeguard the future of the school.

After careful consideration, the board decided to uphold the discounts announced in the board’s letter to the association in May. The board further instructed the management to solicit payment from parents with outstanding school fees. To this end, we do urge all parents to settle at least 50% of their quarter four fees as soon as possible to ensure access to final report cards and continued services such as online classes, online summer resources, and re-entry to campus when possible.

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, our school has continued to serve students to the best of our ability. We now need your support to help us continue. Many thanks to all of you.

Please click here to view a message from the board concerning payment of school fees.

1 comment:

  1. The decision by the board does not make sense. Firstly the school send fee statements in US$ but gives discounts only to people who pay in Kwacha. The best thing to do is to convert the statement into kwacha so that everyone benefits equally.
    Ahmed Omar. Parent.