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Friday, 17 January 2020

Parent workshops

We have had two parent workshops since school has reopened this semester.

The first one was for new parents who have enrolled their children at school in January 2020. The main focus here was to provide some information to parents on how the Primary Years Program works. The second workshop was held for parents who have their children in the Reception classes and this was based on Reading. Reading starts in earnest from Reception classes and the workshop focused on ways and means parents can raise interest in reading for their children.

The workshops held at school are an attempt to get parents and teachers working together keeping the best interest of their child/ student in mind. It raises an awareness of the topic, allows parents to understand different strategies used in classrooms to implement the topic, helps teachers learn how children work best from parents, provides a setting to raise questions and get feedback ( both ways) and gives an opportunity to get to know one another.

We are always encouraged by your presence as parents for a workshop. Thank you to all those parents who make an effort to attend the workshops we organise each year. We look forward to seeing increased participation in the one yet to be done this academic year!

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