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Friday, 17 January 2020

Decreasing face-time on devices

As a parent, I’m still struggling to find ways (besides outright ultimatums) to get my children (and myself!) to put down our devices more often. Here are a few ideas...
that I recently read about as ways that we can help ourselves and our children decrease face time.

READ…..something different than academic-related/job-related text books. I suppose a student’s English novel could be an exception, but nothing read off of a device.

MOVE….do something physically active over the weekend. It should last an hour and get the heart rate up.

CONNECT….to each other. Get some talk-time in, perhaps over a meal.

MAKE…something with our hands that requires us to interact with the physical world. This could be craft-based, games, puzzles, gardening, yard-work, etc.

JOIN…an ECA in Semester 2, not matter what it is, something that gets us together with a group of people to do something different.

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