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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Primary Student Council Initiative

In support of Impact Hub Lusaka's, "Bring a Bottle" campaign, the Primary Student Council organised a bottle donation project at school.

 Impact Hub Lusaka aims to create a sustainable vertical garden in which vegetables and other plants are grown in support for their community.  The Primary Student Council arranged and created an awareness of the project within the school and appealed to the community for any 2-litre plastic bottles to be donated. 

They successfully received donations of 37 bottles towards the project and are looking to do further collaborations with the Impact Hub. Our collaborative effort helped push Impact Hub over their initial target of 70 bottles.

 A huge thank you to all members of the ISL community who dropped off their bottles. It was a great pleasure to welcome Julius from Impact Hub Lusaka who provided us with more information about the project.

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